Friday, May 8, 2009

Long Rehearsal, Short Sleep

So we had a rehearsal last night and I am so excited because everything is coming together... I am sad though because 2 or 3 nights a week I won't see my babies all summer. Well, when I am rich and famous I will bring my kids to my production meetings like Marta Kaufman did on Friends. Until then I have to grin and bear it. I am excited that my sister, Alisha, is coming up in June though. We've decided to keep using our normal sitter for 4 days a week like we have been because she said she'd have to try and replace my kids if we took them out for a month. She's the best sitter (and cheapest) I have been able to find so we decided to keep using her even when Alisha is up here. Don't worry, auntie shasha will have plenty of time with the babies. Brent and I would love a date -- its been a long time. And, she will be on baby duty quite a bit during movie filming. I have been using Jennifer Miolen a ton for this as of late and I don't want to wear her out. I'm hoping to make it though the filming without having to watch my own kids. I know as a mommy that's awful but I simply cannot mix work and play and it would be super-unprofessional if I had a baby crying in the background in my movie. 

Well I am simply absolutely starving and that's really all I think I can say right now except that rehearsal went well but we got back at midnight, babies were already asleep. I am so glad to be off tomorrow, but I have alot of cleaning to do. 

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