Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Judah's Heart

We had an appointment at the Cardiologist today.

The VSD has closed and the cardiologist (and EKG machiene) can't hear the murmur anymore!!!

We have a follow up appointment when he is 6 months to check up on the aortic valve and the aorta itself. Since there's only 2 flaps in Judah's valve instead of 3, they will follow it through life and check on it every now and then to make sure he doesn't have any blockage. They will do an echocardiogram at 6 months to look and see how his aorta is growing in relation to his heart because sometimes with this disorder, the aorta doesn't grow at the right rate.

Besides that awesome news, the day has been dull. I spent an hour of wonderful lovely amazing time with Judah this morning at the doctor, he was cooing and yabbering and I was cooing and yabbering back at him. He is so vocal, I think he'll be like Alina in that respect. (Raziel is still using his like 5 word vocab and is content with that.) My hip has been hurting alot again and I didn't sleep much but I did hook up a bottle of mtn dew so I didn't fall asleep driving or on my lunch today.

Can't wait to get our food deposit on the 11th... we used all of our April up a bit early because we thought we wouldn't have time to use our new deposit (long story) and wanted to have as little money as possible on the card by then and room in the fridge.... so that (of course) means we're out of alot of the fun stuff (baked chips, fudge mint oreos, wheat thins, etc) and we're down to the things we have to take a few minutes to make as far as snacks are concerned. But, hey, I haven't bought groceries for 1.5 weeks so thats understandable. I've really not got anything to complain about because if it weren't for the FS we wouldn't have food, much less snacks. I'm enjoying having things to munch on though its a little odd... I don't remember having to beef up on eating so much when I was previously breastfeeding... but I've had to eat alot more to stay energized (and I'm still tired.) Brent said I may have just gotten used to eating more because I'm bored. I don't think so and it kinda made me feel bad that he thinks I'm eating because I'm bored.... because I've always been so careful not to... oh well..

well thats all for now

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