Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hmmm I don't think so

Today I spent like 3 hours researching all the immunizations they give to kids at 2mos (and again at 4 and 6 mos). I got a list from my dr office and researched each one and wanted to share what I discovered!

Had I not read up, my kids would be over-immunizied for NO GOOD REASON!!

Ok so I'm not on the conspiracy wagon of no-shots-at-all. I mean, shots can be a good thing if they are done properly and you are educated. You're weighing the risk of the disease versus the risk of the side effects.

What am I suprised about?

2 shots that the doctor recommended (I won't be agreeing to these)
#1) Rotavirus

The Rotavirus vacciene is to prevent diarrhea, and the dehydration usually linked to it. Side effects include vomitting and diarrhea (LOL, it gets better). And, 1 in 3 children experience these side effects for a whole week after getting this shot!!! PLUS there have been 3 different brands of this shot taken off the market by the FDA in the last few years because of various severe issues with it. I'm not risking it and besides.... it just seems stupid to give my kids a shot that is said to prevent something it causes.........

#2) Prevnar

Prevnar is a shot to prevent pneumococcal infections (ie pneumonia, blood infection and meningitus. Ok, that's important. What they don't tell you is that the side effects include increased risk of ear infections from then on, increased risk of SIDS, and 21% of children under 4 get sick with a fever shortly after the shot. Well, okay, those might be minimal -- after all, there's risks of everything with everything just about. But, studies show breastfed babies DON'T NEED THIS SHOT because breastfeeding does the job that this shot is supposed to do! Oh, and wait, the biggest whammie of them all -- this shot is preventing the SAME things that the HIB shot is for............ double medicating when its not even needed for breastfed babies? That's stupid.

Shots that ARE important to get:
#1) DTaP (but NOT the DTP)
#2) Polio
#3) Hepatitus B

The one I'm not sure about...... Hib Influeoenza

It's to prevent meningitis, pnuemonia and blood infections as well as bone and joint infections. That's the same stuff Prevnar is for. I read all this stuff about the brands and how you need to get the one (HibTITER) that doesn't have aluminum or tetnus in it because those things are bad. Aluminum is poisonus and tetnus causes a baby form of alzheimers.... but the Prevnar was said to not be needed for breastfeeding babies. So wouldn't that be true of this to? But meningitis is serious. Something definitely to protect against. I guess I'll have to research some more.

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