Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Life goes On

Good call Sarah who spotted this blog on my prophetic blog... totally the wrong place :-)

Well, day 16 of the car-disaster ensues. I still have niether vehicle with which to grocery shop, haul off trash, or go to and from work. I am still buming rides as is my hubby. Favors are beginning to wear thin. But, I am surrendering to it. Maybe that's the whole point - for me to realize I can't do anything about it so I may as well relax over it. One day at a time. I have a ride home. I have rides to and from tomorrow, and I'm off Thursday. That's all I need for now.

I'm worn thin and so tired of everything that its not funny.

Well, we are going to NYC for our anniversary this year. Brent sorta dropped it on me outta the blue - he put in for vacay for the end of Feb instead of the end of March and I freaked thinking I wouldn't get time off since I JUST took a week vacay... but I think we'll be okay. I've been scouring the internet for days finding cheap romantic things to do in NYC -- we're going to coney island, we're going on a carriage ride in central park, having dinner in a rooftop resturant, going on a cruise on the harbor... a bunch of other fun stuff like that. I was desperate to show Brent I really do want to go on this trip (he doubted since I backed out of Paris and Vesquez) so I spent a ton of time looking for things we haven't done before, trying to make it romantic and different and spontaneous and less planned feeling.

But I'm ready to go and relax some. I'm ready to focus on my hubby and have some romantic nights out. I'm going to get a cute hair cut and some sexy little dresses to take. I'm so ready :-)

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