Saturday, January 29, 2011

RIP Suzuki

Thursday was the day I was supposed to get my Suzuki back. We had it taken to a man who claimed to be a wiring specialist since our mechanic couldn't find the problem.

Thursday evening, when I called to see if it was ready, I am informed that my car had caught on FIRE and the entire car was burnt down to the frame. I yelled so much they asked to speak to Brent.

Apparently the guy did not know what he was doing.

He wants us to come talk to him face to face. He also wants to blame our regular mechanic (which we all, including our normal mechanic) just think is hysterical since Lynn had it for 2 weeks and all it would do was a blow a fuze after a few hours and this yahoo has it for 2 days and blows the daggum car up. He replaced a fan and a relay system and it blows up. Hmmmm.

I got the fire report, it was called in at 5:20. So when I called at 5:15 and he was just starting to run his final diagnostics to see if he'd fixed it, it only took 5 minutes until the fire was started and bad enough that he called 911. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it probably exploded into fire as soon as he cranked it. Nice.

Any way you look at it, Rick's Auto Shop in Dalton will be owing me quite a bit of money. We're asking for $5800 (approx). $3200 is blue book value of the car, plus $1900 for all the custom paint and the body kit that was on it, another $600 for 3 carseats and personal items, and $115 for the car we rented this weekend til our tarus is back from the other (non-exploding) shop. I got quotes and print outs and estimates and reciepts to back up all those figures too. We aren't asking for pain and suffering or anything given he plays nice. If we have to go to court, things will get uglier. He will then pay for missed work, personal distress, sentimental value, court costs and for my lawyer. So he can pay us the $5800 or he can pay like $10,000, but either way I'm getting our money for that car.

Brent is super bumbed. He loved that car. And know what he said? The worst part of my favorite car blowing up is that I didn't even get to see it blow up!!


I'm just glad me and the babies weren't driving down the road in it when that happened! I don't know that I coulda got them all out in time if it spread that fast, you know? Carseats are tricky things!

Well, I'm not sure how things will go. Brent wants to go without me - I think he wants to prove to me that he can handle this and take care of our family. We got into it the other night because I thought we should bring an old guy for a witness and he got upset and I said he wouldn't stick up for himself at work so how am I supposed to count on him fixing this --- and I guess protecting us and protecting himself are two totally different things.

I just hope that he can handle it :-/ it worries me.

Time will tell...

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  1. I think you should go with him so you guys can present a joined front. Also Brent isn't going to know all your questions because new ones may arise when you get there and vice versa. I just don't think this is the time or situation where Brent needs to "prove" he can protect you. I think this is a time to present yourselves as equal decision makers in the vehicle situation and that you show that ya'll support each other in both being, well, pissed at the guy and ready for him to pay. Its noble for Brent to feel a need to protect you, but this is something I believe you both need to be present for in order to get the best result. Plus, he can't swindle you guys if there is another person there to say "wait wait wait, back up, what?" .