Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Friday Finds!

I actually did the Black Friday thing this year! I called around and got a babysitter for Alina and Raziel and took Judah with me in my baby backpack (its made for hiking but works beautifully for just toting the guy around when I need free hands) I got to walmart at 10:30pm Thursday and immediately went to Lawn & Garden to get in line for one of these

for $29!!! Which I thought was a fantasic price for a little bike! I got the pink one but couldn't get to leave it pink for downloading the picture to show you. They were handing out the tickets for the big items like bikes, trampolines, and barbie jeeps already so it was a great choice to go over there first (thanks Brent!).
I got my little ticket and headed over to Action Alley where there was 1 pallet of $1.33 towels and I knew those would be gone quick! So, I posted up over there with Judah and made friends with the other homemakers that were claiming their spots for the 12:00 rush.

One nice little lady who was closer to the pallet than I cared to get offered to toss some towels over to me once it was go time. I said I'd like about 5 of them and that I didn't care what color. Around 12 (it was actually closer to 11:54 but that's when the pallets started getting torn open) this tiny little old lady litterally threw (like chucked them) 5 dark blue towels over her head and the heads of the surrounding women to me. I caught them and threw them in the buggy then took off down a back isle to get to my next item. Brent told me later when we were exchanging stories that some crazy women with the towels were actually throwing them to other crazy women and I laughed so hard I cried!!
Next on the list: Candles

This palet was litterally not even opened yet. I tore the side open and pulled out 2 of the vanilla sugar cookie scented sets and continued on my way.
Next I grabbed up 1 of the 10-opening picture frame collages and 2 of the 10 frame sets that were on sale (couldn't find photos of these...)
Then I grabbed a lovely waffle maker at Brent's request

And off to the toys!!

First thing I looked for were Zhu Zhu pets... no where to be found. I asked a lady and she said they were tossing those over their heads like we did with the towels (LOL). I sighed, reminding myself those were also on sale at Big Lots for only $1 each more. I went on crossing off the list...

Radio Controlled Car for Raziel

Barbie Mermaid for Alina

HotWheels for Raziel

Disney Cinderella Doll Set that was apparently only a Black Friday item because I've googled it several times and keep coming up with other crap...

You get this baby doll and you also get a playpen, a swing, a stroller, a crib, and a bunch of other stuff...

Then I went to find the $2 and $5 DVD's -- all kinds of stuff there.... and I went back over to a back isle and sat on the floor, changed Judah's diaper and fed him a bottle and played with him for about 10 minutes while the lines died down. I went back over to the kids clothes and found a disney princess pajama set for Alina and a Toy Story pajama set for Raziel. Then, I was meandering down the isle, looking for "dump sites" and stumbled across A ZHUZHU PET!!!!

these highly coveted electronic hamsters were a hot toy this year and I wanted 2 of them but hadn't gotten any! I found one dumped in a random isle, and then another in the customer service area at the front of the store.

The secret to finding hot items on Black Friday at Walmart? Grab what you can, know your items and locations of them, and then wait it out til the crowds have died down, and go scour the cartloads of non-wanted items. People just grab armloads of stuff and then get to the front of the store to pay for it and have to sort through because they have too much. This is where I found my 2nd Zhu Zhu pet!

Total Savings (not counting the DVD's becuase that would take way too long) : $190.80

Bike -- Normally $55, paid $29
Towels -- Normally $2.49, paid $1.33 each (5)
Candles -- Normally $15, paid $5 each (2)
Waffle Maker -- Normally $30, paid $9
Remote Car -- Normally $10, paid $5
Barbie -- Normally $10, paid $5
HotWheels -- Normally $10, paid $5
Disney Set -- Normally approx $65, paid $29
ZhuZhu Pets -- Normally $8, paid $4 each (2)
Picture Frames -- Normally $25, paid $7 each (3)

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