Wednesday, February 23, 2011

NYC here we come!!!

OMG I am so sick! I didn't get but 5 hours of sleep last night, and I woke up 3 times in those 5 hours, worrying about various things I needed to do.

I've finally planned out everything possible. I've picked up the rental - free upgrade from an economy to a luxury (Crystler 300 instead of a Ford fusion) and I'm so ready to curl up and take a nap in it!

A last minute glitch turned my life upside down when we realized Mom (who was previously child care for this fab trip) was really very sick and didn't need to take the kids. Turns out she has viral meningitus so that was a REALLY good decision. With some persuasion, I talked Steve (brents dad) into keeping the kids for the 5 days we'll be gone. We still have to drive to Charleston to fly out but I'm not too bummed about that - I desperately need the sleep.

We are staying in a hotel in Times Square. We got a great discount from a brother of a friend who works for Marriott. I am glad about our central location. Friday I am taking Brent on a crazy "Day of Mysteries". Basically its his anniversary present - he knows nothing of what we are doing all day and he's gonna get a little paper with directions and a hint about where we're going next at each stop and then off we go. Its like a crazy treasure hunt with the treasure being fun and adventure.

Yesterday when I got off from work, I went to Walmart, dropped off Steve (who brought me my newly repaired and finally running well Tarus) at home, went to Food Lion, went home, cooked 5 meals and put em in the fridge, cleaned our bedroom and the kitchen, packed and handled kids. I didn't crash until about 2am. And then I got up at 7am to clean the living room (a condition of Steve keeping the kids was a clean house) and haul off some trash on the way to work.

My head hurts. I need sleep. I want to puke. I think I have a fever. I am really hoping my "time of the month" holds off another week so I can really enjoy NYC without that extra hassle but I can't remember how many weeks its been so idk if I'm gonna be that lucky.

I am so siked about our trip and I am counting down these last 2 hours at work before I book for Brent and home but on the flip side, I'm not ready to talk with Brent about who's gonna drive cuz he's been up since like 4 am because he's still not aclimated to my schedule (he's on vacation too right now)

I cant wait to share all my happy stories of our 5 year anniversary trip (our anniversary isnt til March 25th but we wanted to celebrate big and its hard to do that so close to Spring Break). I can't wait to upload all the pics and tell you about all the cool stuff we did and all the good deals I'm bound to get in China Town. But right now, I just want to sleep!!

Love and Kisses!

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