Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wasp of Death

So I could talk about all sorts of issues and things going on in our lives right now... about Brent as a Stay at home daddy, about the kids growing up.... nope, I want to complain about this terrible encounter I had with a Wasp!!

Let me tell you -- if there is a man-of-war version of a wasp, I met it. I was baby-proofing the playroom and installing our window unit A/C in the room so that the kids have a comfortable area to hang out in. I got it all babyproof, clean, I moved our Japanese table in there, added our little TV and DVD/VCR along with some extra toys and short little chairs. I created a palet area in the corner for Brent to crash when the kids play happily.... and then I go outside on the back porch to tug at the A/C unit that just wasn't sitting in the window properly.

Out on the porch (thank God I made the kids stay inside!) there was a wasp that was big and black - about 2 inches long! My mom looked it up online and found this thing called the "Great Black Wasp"

This sucker runs 1 1/2 in to 2 inches long and is supposedly "non aggressive" but it stung me 3 times -- once on the leg, once on my hand as I swatted at it, and once right on my butt. It hurt so badly I ran inside screaming and crying. I know, terible, I can deliver 3 babies with no epidural but if a wasp stings me I cry like a little child!! Brent picked on me a little bit - I woulda picked on me too if I didn't know how bad it hurt!! I've never had such a bad sting in my life.

That was on the 26th. Today (a full week later) I am still being a baby about it so I'm posting pictures. I had an allergic reaction to the stings. My leg and hand (I can't see my butt lol) have swollen up and have developed a rash.

Wonderful, isn't it? One teeny little bug has caused all that nonsense. And no, I'm not scratching it. And yes, I'm applying liberal amounts of benadryl cream to help with the itching. I haven't broken down and taken anything like internally yet but I might get there.

OK that's what I wanted to talk about. silly, I know, Oh well

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  1. thats not so bad :) remember last year i was attacked by the man'o'war version of a man'o'war. But a wasp sting probably isnt that fun either.